About Us

It first began with Sheena, was in her early teens, infatuated with hair, where it came from & seeking the best quality to wear. It wasn't until people around would always ask about her hair details which prompted an idea to sell hair. Sheena first opened a Big Cartel site titled "Me and my Mane". While still in high school, She knew she didn't have proper business knowledge to successfully run a store and decided to put her business on hold. During that time, she continuously done research, wrote up a business plan and in 2016 decided to properly execute her dream. This is where her sister, Samantha, saw her potential and later partnered up and they became a dynamic duo. Within the first year and of SheMarieHair, they made six figures in sales with no outside help. With prayer, perseverance, and determination, they have no intentions of stopping and building their Queendom!

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